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7.1 Incoming

by AltiarGaming, 4 days ago

About time updated this front page so much has happened since last did it we have Cleared heroic and started working on mythic well done everyone.

We've started sort out them final trials left and team is looking nice and strong will be reopening recruitment again just to stay ahead of the curve :)

Next week we get 7.1 bringing new 5 Man and 3 boss raid wee bit after that should be able to clear that Heroic in no time.

Everything seems to be chugging along nicely cant think of too much more to add into this update atm so will check back when got some more news.

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Preparation for Raiding

by AltiarGaming, 35 days ago


Please try bring 2-3 best flasks and make sure you have enough WoD flasks otherwise. Trixxie, Nihilith's alt can make them so please send her mats and list of things you need. Also bring some new and old pots.

Below is a list of flasks/pots with links to wowhead to make it easier for you guys :)


INT - Flask of the Whispered Pact 

STR - Flask of the Countless Armies

AGI - Flask of the Seventh Demon

STA - Flask of Ten Thousand Scars



Armour - Unbending Potion

Mele dps - Potion of the Old War

Ranged dps - Potion of Deadly Grace

Healers - Leytorrent Potion or Ancient Mana Potion

Getting HP back - Ancient Healing Potion


Food (it's ok to use lesser Legion one for now)

Mastery - Barracuda Mrglgagh

Crit - Leybeque Ribs

Versatility - Koi-Scented Stormray

Haste - Suramar Surf and Turf



Until we start HC it's ok to have lesser versions of the enchants, at least until prices drop a bit or until you get a good piece of new gear. We won't ask you to put 10k enchant on a piece of gear that dropped you from hc dungeon but if it's a 2k one you should be able to afford it. You still have few days to talk to officers if you're unsure about your enchants. 

Now enchant list is getting complicated because different classes use different things but Icyveins will have a list of enchants you need :)



Lesser Legion gems are ok for now, please buy the uncut ones and ask Kek to cut them for you or any other JC in guild.


Be on time for raid go read up on tacs be prepared and thanks alot to Sairy for putting this information together.

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Archimonde Mythic - The Musical

by <Tehkek>, 73 days ago

Well, we were wiping since about half eight,
and time was ticking it was getting late,
(ready checks were made to wake up raids).

And no one blames the healers, they've a raid to carry,
and no one blames the tanks, they tried to dodge and parry,
and no one blames the DPS, shapes are hard.

But Archimonde that big blue bloke,
got a lot of fun out of killing folk,
and it's cos of him we fought the whole night through.

Some pulls were close then we'd get dead,
Archimonde's words ringing round our heads,
that all who live may hear them and despair.

Well, we regrouped faster as the night wore on,
Since the boss was hard and we didn't have long,
But no matter our plan we died anyways.

And despite all our vows to the Guild & the Horde,
to research the fight and save Azeroth,
It was our last try on Archimonde for today.

But the last pull went further than the furthest before,
so many demons and marks you couldn't see the floor.
Then something exploded and it rained bits of bodies,
Blood, and guts, and gore.

I'd like to tell you all exactly what happened next,
but I was thrown pretty far and lay nearing death,
with that big blue bastard standing on my neck.

Now someone did something to kill that boss,
the bastard fell after a pause,
it was such a quick move he could barely react,
Except to shout to Guldan,

So we all fought one helluva fight, and if
I'm remembering it well then I'm telling it right,
and an Orc would never lie, take my word.

But if you want to save yourself a world of hurt,
If you die like me staring up his skirt,
Just one more thing y'all ought to know,

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29th July Update

by AltiarGaming, 88 days ago

Welcome to anyone checking out the site for with intent of joining if you're here to throw in an application just hit the Apply button on the top left and follow it through.

Pre-patch is here and like what I see so far with very little time last night we got 2 new bosses so that was good and hope we can get a good look at Mannoroth next week.

Raiding Spots feel should just address this so no-one gets confused we are still limited to 20 spots for mythic at this moment in time any new trials etc may have to wait untill legion when the cap is 30 while clearing normal and heroic to get a reliable spot. The reason we're over recruiting is to make sure we're safe when it comes time to get to mythic and account for anyone who may loose interest etc before that time comes.

We're currently Recruiting 



In the coming weeks gonna have a chat with officer team and go over some of the changes that legion will bring and see what everyone thinks we should do what route to take etc. Will keep all updated but well done 2 new kills 


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