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Skorpyron Mythic

by AltiarGaming, 12 days ago

1/10 Mythic Great job all

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Ahead of the Curve

by AltiarGaming, 19 days ago

Good Job on Curve and even got some good progress look in Mythic Skorp shouldn't last too long


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Cutting Edge

by AltiarGaming, 72 days ago

Well done everyone 7/7 Mythic Cleared Emerald Nightmare.

Another note just while we're updating Kronotype has joined the officer team as the healing leader so if you need anything or want to moan or just send abuse direct that at Krono.


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Update 15th January

by AltiarGaming, 73 days ago

First things first got 5/7 Mythic well done all on that kill :)

Nighthold is dropping in less then a week now some nice new content to look at. With Nighthold we're recruiting getting in all the new trials to test out while we clear heroic so when we're done we'll have a good idea who is going to make up the mythic team.

We're going to be taking special care to keep on top of slacking as this can have a real effect on how long things take we will be dropping people from the team if cant be arsed to show up prepared or skip out without lettting us know its not fair to the other 19 people who may have to waste a night.

More updates soon lots of progress kills I hope 


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