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Portal Boss Mythic

by <Tehkek>, 29 days ago

After the battle our Heroes send an important message to adults and children alike...

...earlier that day.

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Xmas Minecraft Server

by AltiarGaming, 104 days ago


Tis that time of year again after taking a break from the tradition last year due to many reasons we're back in business, the annual Guild Minecraft Server is up and running for any and all welcome. 

It is limited to 10 people at a time but really don't think that will be a issue.

The Modpack is Feed the beast Beyond


Easiest way to get to this is with 3 clicks in the twich client (One used for Wow addons already so that saves time you probs have it)

Head to Mods the Minecraft > Browse All Modpacks then install feed the beast beyond

Once installed make sure you're on the correct version etc

Takes a while to load almost 200 mods but once you're in we're on Server


We do have a whitelist to avoid unwanted aggro so if you're interested in joining reply with your in-game minecraft name below and will add it otherwise you wont be able to get in.

Over view of the world we're on but doesn't give justice to the scale its about 2000 blocks from that spawn to the east coast.


Basic Server Rules 

- Don't be dicks to each other and touch other peoples stuff (There is built in chunk claiming will explain in another post)

- Don't Chunk load much puts strain on server

- When exploring new chunks if other people are on keep in mind will lag everyone maybe do when not busy.

- Don't make Dimensions (This is a mod that can create worlds again just adds alot of lag lets avoid that)


Beyond that everyone have fun build where you want do what you want.

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Reals News: Sisters of The Moon, Doon.

by <Tehkek>, 147 days ago



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