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Swaggersear & Others Get 3/9M

by <Tehkek>, 7 days ago

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Streaming Raids

by AltiarGaming, 35 days ago


Don't worry I know its nothing knew but may as well update it :)

Starting tonight will be streaming all Reincarnated raids hope this will help with recruiting being able to
show our real raids, will also help with the app to my new guild I can show how you're all dicks
and I'm bullied :(

 Make sure you read the PRIVACY POST gives some more info there.

This is only Tank and possibly mage POV it is good fun to see how other people do things if you stream and want to show
your POV let me know can embed more sources.


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He's Not Here 1/7 M

by <Tehkek>, 61 days ago

Video Here

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Black To The Temple [Aired Sunday 17/7/17]

by <Tehkek>, 66 days ago

Adventurers find themselves sort of back in time in the TBC dynasty, but to get back home to current year Legion they must fight through 846,000 trash mobs in the African American Temple in order to reach the freedom portal.  Disembodied voices talk to each other the whole time, including that of a fake Dr who claims to want to help lead everyone to safety.  Rated R for Retarded.

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