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Tell Em Steve Dave (officer)

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re: Recruitment & Ranks


Social members, social raiders and full-time raiders, you are all very welcome to join. 

All future members are welcome to drop in an application (just ignore raid based questions if you are planning to join and not raid) or if you wish to chat in greater depth get in touch with us via our battlenet;

Tehkek#2468 , AltiarGaming#2290, Arisu#2306 or Khross#2343


We are an established raiding guild (Wed/Thurs 20:30 - 23:30 server time)

As we are a bit melee heavy right now, Ranged & Ranged hybrids preferred but ALL applications considered.

Besides our optional Sunday raid held on similar times most weekends (as sometimes family drop by so we have to stay quiet and turn out the lights until they stop ringing the door and go home) we want to spread the enjoyment to include more peoples play styles.


SUNDAY RAIDS -  Optional Raids 20:30-23:30 (server time)

Open to all able bodies, there is no priority system for Sunday raids and all loot is rolled for main spec > off spec.  Please remember Sunday raids are now also heroic raids, so characters must have appropriate gear/self buffs in order to survive the base damage.



Suggested iLVL for all our HC raids is ~690-700, this can be achieved via:

-  Mythic 5mans

-  Apexis gear vendor in Tanaan, for empowered gear.

-  LFR

-  The odd pug for the brave.

-  Some pvp gear.


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Tell Em Steve Dave (officer)

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As a full time raider we ask for high attendance, full buffs for your character and gear plus either a quick mind for learning, or a decent bank of knowledge of your class and the various ways in which it can survive the deadly boss mechanics.

We also would like you to have a good balanced attitude towards raiding, this means we want to progress and do a bit better each raid/attempt but we understand that playing with humans will mean mistakes are made and things can go wrong, so instead of getting angry we work out what we need to and try, try again!

Finally we do expect a really good attempt at an application, ideally in English and definitely in rhyme. 

The benefits of raiding at this rank are a priority in raids spots and gear above all others ranks and the sense of self satisfaction and high fivery when we get a new progress boss down.

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Our vision involves finding all the lonely social players spread out across time and space (or servers and guilds) and getting them together to create a proper social hub based in wow and even sharing other common games. Tarren Mill is a very busy horde server so moving here won't be a mistake or even start 100% fresh level a new toon here meet people and get that feeling of something big beginning.  

As an established raid guild we have a bit of a head start when it comes to bringing people together and the patience and resolve to see it through, although it will take a bit of work to really bring out the potential.  It also means that we can offer social players more opportunities to see a bit of end game suited to individual circumstances and we provide two ranks to help us do that:



Are people that want to mainly focus on playing their own way (collecting transmog/pet battles/random BGs...) while having some company to do so.  This is best for people that choose not to raid much.  

Sunday raids are available most weekends to all able members but we also aim to build a really great base of social members that feel comfortable getting to know new people and contributing to making events based on the things they enjoy.

As our social base grows we feel there should be opportunities for social members with the experience and well rounded attitude to represent for their fellow socials helping coordinate events, keeping base with officers for support etc.



This rank is for people who are ready to raid (similar to full-time raiders) but can't guarantee a regular attendance, for example, shift workers with irregular schedules or people that can only guarantee every Thursday raid. 

We also suggest this rank for people that are newer to raiding but not ready to trial as you have a chance to experience team raiding without fear of 'failing'.  Build your confidence!

All social raiders can sign up to any main raid and we will take you with us as much as we can and as far as you can handle it, loot/limited raid spots are prioritized full-time raiders > social raiders.  Vanity pets are raid rolled.





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