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re: Our Loot System.




This is the time you show us how well you perform for your current gear level, and how reliable and dependable you are and it lasts anything between 4 - 8 raids.  However because you may not even pass trial or you may choose to leave before you pass trial, we do no gear trials.  Until we know and trust you enough to pass your trial, all items will be used to benefit our current raid team however...

To balance this out we designed our loot rules to give gear to the member who needs it the most, so should you pass trial we feel this 'mechanic' makes up for prioritizing full members over trials for gear.  

Please keep in mind these loot rules have successfully worked for us throughout WoD, we choose not to gear trials before full members because: 

-  We don't lose nearly so many upgrades for the raid as we used to when gearing trials.

-  It weeds out people who are overly interested in "their loot" very quickly.

As such we will not discuss the pro's & con's of gearing trials at all, the rules are set & they work for us and we will not change them.  It is your responsibility to consider very carefully if you can handle a trial period in this guild where you might not see any of the loot you want until you pass trial.



The Loot System - It Is A Set Of Rules We Follow To Find The Biggest Upgrade For The Raid & Promote Best In Slot (BIS) for all!

Handled properly this system is the hardest to abuse and is the best at maximising the stats that drop in a way that benefits the whole raid and not just a select group of players. 

1).  Main Spec > Off Spec (used to help our raids e.g. back-up tank spec) > Off Spec (spec not used to help our raids).

2).  B.I.S. > Upgrade.

Best in slot for a person is given priority over anything else, we want everyone to be best in slot whether normal/hc or mythic.

Upgrade is an upgrade that is not your best in slot item but would be an upgrade.

3).  Low iLVL replacement > High iLVL replacement.

Next we consider the iLVL, we generally want to increase the iLVL of the raid as a whole, since iLVL basically translates to stat increase. 


Main Hand Weapon > Off Hand Weapon


Trinkets (& Rings)

Both trinkets/rings taken into account for example:

PlayerA;  [Normal BIS trinket] + [Mythic BIS trinket]

PlayerB:  [Normal BIS trinket] + [HC BIS trinket]

PlayerC:  [HC BIS trinket] + [Mythic random trinket]

Order would be for new BIS trinket:  

Player C  (he has no best in slot for one trinket)

Player B  (has lowest level BIS items equipped and greatest stat increase from new trinket vs Player A)

Player A  (has highest overall BIS equipped at the moment and therefore least stat upgrade from new trinket)



Finally - Mistakes Can Happen

The Loot Master might occasionally make a mistake looting, usually it's a simple case of missing what a member says on TS/raid chat which can be very loud/busy at times.  If you let us know about the mistake quickly, the item can usually be traded, no harm done.

HOWEVER, sometimes it's not possible to correct the mistake (e.g. the tier token is used/item is enchanted) and in such cases you just have to accept it was a mistake and that the Loot Master isn't out to make mistakes on purpose.  

The important point here is don't be a bad sport about it (snapping, arsey comments, sulking, tantrums..etc) as we'll either warn or outright replace you.

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re: Please Make A List of BIS Items



We ask that people who plan to pass trial and call bis on items make a list of their Best In Slot items for their main spec, and place it here in the Raiders Best In Slot forum.

Please choose ONE best in slot item, per item slot, for example:


1).  Either your best in slot weapons are a Staff from one boss, or,  a main hand & off hand from other bosses, do not put both scenarios as your best in slot in case the other doesn't drop.




2).  Either your best in slot is Trinket A & Trinket B, do not put down Trinket A, Trinket B and Trinket C in case the other trinkets don't drop.



After Christmas, with more Mythic bosses to kill, we will refer to this list now and again to make sure we're all ./rolling sensibly and fairly on gear.

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