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re: Rerolling: Is It For YOU?


The answer to the rerolling question is, if it is in the best interests of the Guild we will consider it.  But wait there's more!


So as of 7/12/14 for any new requests to reroll that we are not already aware of the following conditions must also be met to encourage only well thought out and serious requests.  (Click here for Original Post. Originally part of an FAQ)

  • There must be a position available for your class/role of choice.
  • You are prepared to re-apply on behalf of your intended character: experience, armory check, class knowledge etc.
  • As we progress through WoD gear/experience requirements will increase.
  • You have prepared your new character to the best of your ability to step into the role via gearing and practice.  Main raids will not be used for learning the basics of your new class or gearing up beyond what we consider reasonable.


You are prepared to trial again on your new character for a permanent raid spot:

  • This will not exclude you from vanity drops such a mount/pet.
  • This will for the duration prioritize non-reroll mains over yourself for gear (when not personal loot).


Depending on the role you left behind and the current needs of the raid we may ask you to wait while we find a suitable replacement, you will still have a chance to try your new class/role once we fill your old position.

Out of 2+ people wanting to re-roll to a limited class/role, we will decide the priority based on a combination of who asked first, who is prepared most efficiently, and where applicable which character is most helpful to the raid (such as a choice between raid healer and single target healer).

Finally, we will not guarantee holding your old raid spot during your "new trial" and we will allow new trials for your old position a fair chance to finish theirs.


How To Request A Reroll:

1).  Check our current recruitment requirements.

2).  Approach an officer about putting in an application.

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