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re: Man/Arch/VoteBoss (HC) Loot Reserve [SUNDAY 26TH 2016 ]


If you really need a particular boss, vote below and we'll go with the most popular as long as we have a snowflakes chance in Fel.


Similar to the previous loot reserve raids, e.g. the original, we are taking a few requests for item reserves (one per person, one per class group for an item e.g. Pala/Priest/Lock item can go to either a pala/priest or lock).


Will reserve a few items (2 - 4) so others still have a chance to loot, and spots will be first come first serve. Both social raiders & full-time raiders can request an item be reserved.  With three caveats:

-  Mains > Alts

-  Main Spec only

-  Your char needs to be appropriately prepared to raid those bosses as it's not a boost, more of a helping hand & reward for doing what ya'all do.  So bring pots, be enchants etc...usual drill.  

Post your request to a reserve an item by Thursday 23rd, as we can use Friday morning to confirm the reserve list.



We need this info.

Character Name:

Item Reserved (One per person):

From Mannoroth or Archimonde?:




Badge of Hellfire's Conqueror

Roga (for Pala/Priest/Warlock) - (Just explaining this exception to the "only MS" stipulation, Roga does a LOT of off spec DPSing whenever we ask and never once complained even though DPS isn't his favorite role, so reserving the DPS trink makes sense since he's practically always shadow - though we will fix it so you get more healing time dude as most raids you do end up DPS 8[[).

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