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re: Regarding BiS Lists


This post will briefly explain some caveats regarding BiS lists and the reason for their existance.

Why BiS lists are needed:

On behalf of the loot council, we ask all members to put up BiS lists in order to resolve situations where multiple members roll BiS and both items are good upgrades. This means it is possible to receive an item that you roll BiS on without posting a BiS list, but people who have posted their BiS lists will get priority since it is certain that the item will see a lot of use before being replaced.

If your BiS list is not clear cut:

As a resto druid, I have no BiS list. We benefit from ilvl over anything due to our synergy with every single secondary stat and as a result BiS is generally max ilvl and is extremely dynamic based on our lowest and highest secondary stats. Now of course this will not work in practice because of the aforementioned 'certainty that an item will see a lot of use'.

In a situation like this, please post at least something. Pick some items that give you a reasonable stat distribution. You could also go through the BiS lists others have posted and try and build something that has little overlap with other lists. This way, you will have little contention on the items you want. Either way, get something up so you can claim priority on an item in each slot.

If you are waiting for that super-rare-awesome-chocolatey-fudge-coated-mega-super legendary to drop:

Assume you will get the drop. If you build your BiS list around not having the legendary and we give you an item over someone else and the legendary drops, it is a wasted item that could have seen much more use. I know it sucks and can cause headaches with set items and stuff, but it's better for everyone else. You can always roll Need on any items in slots that would be made redundant by getting the legendary and still have a good chance of winning the item. BiS rolls don't show up nearly as much as you probably think they do.

If something gets buffed/nerfed and changes the BiS list:

It's possible that something such as a legendary will be changed and this is out of your control. In this situation you will obviously be allowed to change your BiS list. You should make a reply to your BiS list post explaining why you are changing the list. It will help to have a source for your reasoning, such as sims or a link to a class post explaining the change. You must have made the change due to some sort of information, so you should always have something to provide.

We will have a snapshot of your BiS list at the start of the raid tier and will confront you about any changes you make without an explanation. This does not mean we will force you to use an outdated BiS list, but just to know what is up and keep everything fair for everyone.

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