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re: The New Loot System


What is happening?

As you are all aware, the loot system we use is extremely unreliable and relies a lot on luck and can produce an imbalanced distribution of loot. We ran this loot system in HFC with few issues, but it has grown worse over time. The reason it has become worse is due to a lot of other factors, but running the loot system we currently use is problematic regardless of the reasons why.

As a result of these problems, we are switching to loot council. This will be faster, smoother and more fair for everyone. We hope to start running this the coming Wednesday. This post will explain how this will work.

How do I request an item I want?

All raiders will download the following addon:

[RCLootCouncil] (You can find it on the curse client or click that link for it)

Please install this addon before the coming raid. It has a feature that lets us check who does not have the addon, and those players will be warned at the start of the raid to install it. If you do not have the addon you will not be able to participate in the loot system, so please make sure you have it. The loot council will try and ensure that everyone has the addon installed and will ask several times when needed. We do not want anyone to miss out on loot so we will do our best to make sure you don't miss out. This should be an install once kind of addon, so once you have it you shouldn't need to worry about it.

As a raider, it is very simple. You will get something similar to a need/greed box that will pop up for any loot you can use. There will be 6 choices:

The buttons are ordered by priority, with BiS being the highest priority and Transmog being the lowest priority.

An in depth explanation of which button you should press can be found [in the next section]. But here is a quick overview:

BiS: This is the same as need but indicates that it is your BiS. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR BiS LIST UP AND UPDATED! We will cross-reference it to make sure the votes are legitimate. [Add your BiS list here]
This is an item you want, no questions asked. 
Minor Upgrade: This is an item that is an upgrade for you, but you are happy to pass it to someone who rolls need.
Off-Spec: You want the item for something other than main spec, such as off-spec or AoE spec.
Transmog: You want the item for transmog.
Pass: You don't want the item.

IMPORTANT: You should roll BiS if it is your BiS. If you roll Need on a BiS item, it will likely go to someone else if they rolled BiS. We don't want to check every Need roller to prevent loot sessions taking a long time.

Note Icon: This is not a traditional red WoW button, but there is a little paper icon on the right hand side of the box where you can leave a note. You need to put a note before selecting your choice. Write something short and sweet.  Some examples would be:

1) Rolled Need: '4set'
2) Rolled Minor Upgrade: '5 ilvl'
3) Rolled Off-Spec: 'aoe spec'

These are just examples, you can write anything you want that you feel would be useful. We do ask you to not write silly notes since this will needlessly extend the decision making. If you don't put a note by accident and you wanted to put one, just whisper the loot master with the note (but we would prefer you to use the note).


Which option should I choose for [This Item]?

Sometimes it can be a bit confusing as to what option you should choose for a particular item. This section should hopefully clear up any confusion about this. If any problems regarding this comes up in the future, this section will be updated. Ultimately it is up to YOU to decide what kind of an upgrade an item is for you. We will respect your decision on the matter. If the council has any questions about your choice you will be asked. If you feel a choice may be questioned by the council, leave a note before making your choice.



BiS: The item is your BiS item and has a higher item level. This includes warforged items.
Need: The item is a good upgrade for you, but is not your BiS. The idea behind this is that you may replace this item with your BiS item sooner than later, so we want to make sure the item doesn't go to waste.
Minor Upgrade: The item is a low item level upgrade for you. If the item is a low item level upgrade but the stat distribution is better, you should choose Need, since the upgrade is more than just the item level.

Tier Tokens

BiS: The item is your BiS item and is guaranteed to be a higher ilvl. For example, the minimum heroic Nighthold is ilvl890, so if you are wearing normal Nighthold ilvl880 warforged, you should roll BiS for the token.
Need: This is not your BiS item and you want a different token later on to replace it. If you are going to complete a set bonus, leave a note so the council can make the appropriate decision regarding completing sets. Please choose Minor Upgrade if you do not plan to use the set bonus, this helps us more quickly distribute sets to people without having to check everyone who rolled.
Minor Upgrade: The item is an upgrade but will not help your set (i.e. you already have your 4 set) or you are rolling for warforged.


BiS: The relic has your best traits on it. You should select this even if the ilvl upgrade is low or 0. As with armour and weapons, you should roll BiS for warforged versions of your BiS relics.
Need: The relic is an upgrade for you but does not have the best traits on it.
Minor Upgrade: The relic is an upgrade but the ilvl is low and/or the trait isn't brilliant. It's hard to quantify this so use your best judgement on this one and choose minor upgrade if you are happy to pass the relic to someone who could make better use of it.


What about vanity items like mounts or pets? 

Vanity items will simply be rolled on. The highest roller will win, with priority going to raiders > socials > trials. The item will not show up when rolling for items and before the loot session starts the loot master will ask for rolls and note who won the vanity item. Once the loot session has finished, the vanity item will be distributed to the winner.


I didn't make my choice in time, what do I do?

You will have 60 seconds to make your choice on all items. This should be fine because for the most part you will probably only have 2 items max. If you do miss an item, you should whisper the master looter. The master looter will be able to send you the rolls again.

You can help prevent missed rolls by knowing in advance what items you want from the boss.  If you a make a mistake e.g. clicking Need instead of BiS, let the loot master know immediately and we will try to fix it by sending the rolls again but please be aware it is still possible to lose a roll if you make a mistake and it is the responsibility for each member to roll correctly for items they want.

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re: The New Loot System


Added a section regarding edge cases for selection options on for loot:

Which option should I choose for [This Item]?


Please read it, understand it, and let me know if there are any cases I have missed from the list.

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