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re: Social Members - Information


Role: Social Member
Role leader: Sairy (Arisu#2306)

Description: Members that want to mainly focus on playing in their own way (collecting transmog/pet battles/random BGs...) while having some company to do so. This is best for people that choose not to raid much.  

Activities: Social members are welcome to join our fun runs and also any alt runs as long as they are geared for it. They are free to participate in any guild activities like BG's, dungeon farming etc

Rules: All rules (guild ethos) that apply to raiders apply to social members as well. As a social member you agree to treat other members of the guild with respect and not to harm guild's name.

Forum access: As a social member you have access to our forum and are encouraged to take part in conversations. You are also able to take part in any forum competitions.

Termination: Social member can be removed from the guild if they break guild rules or if a large number of complains about that social is received by officers. Before termination, social member will be explained why he/she is being removed either by chat or in-game mail (depends if members are online)

Additional comments:
- As a social member you can ask one of the officers to add your friend to the guild without him/her applying via forum but it's encouraged for all members to apply via website so we can know everyone better and so that person can gain access to our competitions/discussions
- As social you're allowed to organise guild events. To do so please create an event in the calendar and notify one of the officers about it. Please make sure if you create an event you're fully prepared to lead it and to find any missing players to make your event happen
- Social members have their role leader that makes sure social members are a happy part of the Reincarnated family. In case of any issues or questions please contact your role leader
- Social members are treated as any other members, we don't favour raiders or even officers over other roles so if other guild member have offended you or if you feel you're being mistreated please contact your role leader immediately 

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