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re: APPROVED - App: Velest83 - by AltiarGaming


Morning Darren Thanks for app


Think we have one demon huntard atm so another would be a good fit gear wise ready to jump in etc the lack of XP this expac isn't that big a deal and we have a good idea what bosses we're going to each night can ask and go take a peek at tacs to rough idea.

Thumbs up from me lets see how things go welcome sir.



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re: App: Velest83

The application submitted by Velest83 is as follows:

Please let us know where you found our recruitment, it helps us do it better, thank you. Did you find us via::
Official WoW Forum Post

Do you wish to apply as a full-time raider, social raider or social member?:
Full-Time Raider

Armory link to the character you wish to apply with:

Tell us a little about yourself (E.g. Name, Age, Location, hobbies, first love etc)::
My name is Darren, 33 and from the UK. I work for an engineering company as a coordinator and also studying a part time HNC in engineering.

My hobbies are generally fishing, football and of course no particular order.

Tell us about your class/main spec and how do you use it to its potential on different bosses?:
I generally flip between 2 different talent set ups for raid bosses - the main one being the one currently on my armory for single target - and using a demonic build for multi target. I always pre-pot and come prepared with flasks/pots/runes to try and ge t the most of my character.

Are you happy to help our raids with your off spec should we need it? If yes please let us know what your off spec is, if not applicable or you are single spec only, please let us know.:
My offspec is the only other spec available to us deprived demon hunters! I would b e happy to use it, but would certainly need to master it to be of any use!

What are you looking for in your new guild and how do you fit into this ideal future?:
I'm looking for a casual guild with a relaxed approach to raiding, but also serious enough to 'get the job done' to experience all wow has to offer. I would like a guild that is active outside of raid days, nothing worse than being the only one of a tiny handful online all the time! In return, the guild would obtain a dedicated raider that is not scared of constructive criticism, lots of wiping and learning!

Please note your previous guild history and raid experience as we may wish to verify a few details. What role/class did you play and in what content::
I have not raided to a serious level this expansion, having had the birth of our second child has meant I have been rather casual so far! I do have some experience of mythic raiding, mostly on my warrior in WoD - experience can be seen here;

While my experience probably isn't extensive of late, I have raided to a decent level throughout the earlier expansions and am no stranger to raiding and being challenged.

You agree that you can attend our raid times Wed & Thurs 20:30 to 23:30 Server Time and missing raids during trial may lead to an auto fail. You also agree that once in guild you will keep us up to date on upcoming absences via the absence forum.:

By selecting "True" you agree you have read and understood the rules and will keep yourself updated on any future changes via this website. :

Do you understand how our Loot System works? (If not please ask us to clarify):

Any additional information or Questions?:

Do you already know any members of Reincarnated if so who?:

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