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re: App: Spatial

The application submitted by Spatial is as follows:

Please let us know where you found our recruitment, it helps us do it better, thank you. Did you find us via::
Official WoW Forum Post

Do you wish to apply as a full-time raider, social raider or social member?:
Full-Time Raider

Armory link to the character you wish to apply with:

Tell us a little about yourself (E.g. Name, Age, Location, hobbies, first love etc)::
Hello, my name is Derk and I'm from the Netherlands and currently 24 years old. I'm currently studying Computer Science and do administrative work on the side. I used to play WoW a lot in vanilla and TBC but then got interested into FPS games. Played on a competitive level for several teams throughout the years in Call of Duty 4 and CSGO and lost interest in WoW due to getting behind on all the expansions. Recently I've gotten back and I am really liking it.

As for hobbies besides playing games, I enjoy watching movies/tv-series, hanging out with friends, working on programming side-projects and going to festivals. Currently still heavily involved in the student life while I still can ;).

Tell us about your class/main spec and how do you use it to its potential on different bosses?:
I'm rolling a frost mage on my main, which means that sustained single target DPS and a little bit of AOE is pretty much all I can do Happy.

Are you happy to help our raids with your off spec should we need it? If yes please let us know what your off spec is, if not applicable or you are single spec only, please let us know.:
Only specced in frost at the moment, will start catching up on arcane at some point once I'm happy with my frost gears.

What are you looking for in your new guild and how do you fit into this ideal future?:
Well, since I've returned from an extremely long break I am pretty inexperienced with the current raids. I got here through the official WoW forum post and I really liked the highlight that there was room to learn within this guild. So on the raiding experience front I cannot offer much yet, but I can offer a lot of dedication. The last 10 years of my gaming carreer have been in competitive teams. I understand the commitment it takes to become profficient at something and I am willing to invest the time. I have plenty of experience of fitting in groups and adjusting accordingly. I'm willing to grind to archieve my goals.

Please note your previous guild history and raid experience as we may wish to verify a few details. What role/class did you play and in what content::
Mostly covered above already, I did do some raiding in vanilla/BC on a hunter but I think that experience can be pretty much discarded right now, since it was so long ago. Before every raid I will study up on the mechanics of that specific raid so I can adjust accordingly.

You agree that you can attend our raid times Wed & Thurs 20:30 to 23:30 Server Time and missing raids during trial may lead to an auto fail. You also agree that once in guild you will keep us up to date on upcoming absences via the absence forum.:

By selecting "True" you agree you have read and understood the rules and will keep yourself updated on any future changes via this website. :

Do you understand how our Loot System works? (If not please ask us to clarify):

Any additional information or Questions?:
Nothing comes to mind right now, I have read the rules/loot system posts and they all seem fair. If any additional information is required for me or if you just want to chat, hit me up on Ryth#2836.

Thanks in advance and I'm looking forward to your reply! :)

Do you already know any members of Reincarnated if so who?:

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