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re: APPROVED - App: Treppid - by AltiarGaming


Gear could do with some love but aye social raider until time works out etc for main raiding :)



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re: App: Treppid

The application submitted by Treppid is as follows:

Please let us know where you found our recruitment, it helps us do it better, thank you. Did you find us via::

Do you wish to apply as a full-time raider, social raider or social member?:
Social Raider

Armory link to the character you wish to apply with:

Link to any logs you would like us to view.:

Tell us a little about yourself (E.g. Name, Age, Location, hobbies, first love etc)::
I'm Tiago, I'm 21 years old casual player from Portugal, I used to play only during night time because during day I work, I played since wod and used to do just pvp... I have done just a few raids 10 normal on this expantion and I'm looking for some more serious pve gameplay. I love mmorpgs but since I started play wow, all other mmorpgs aren't that great and I cant stop play wow. Has a hobbie I practice Parkour and I love art.

Tell us about your class/main spec and how do you use it to its potential on different bosses?:
I play Paladin has my main, eather ret or prot, Has a ret I get for full burst I wait for my class bar to be full (5 stacks) then I turn on Crusade normal hit - Judgment so all the other abilities takes more damage - Justicar's Vengence, then Wake of Ashes witch will bring my classbar back with 5 stacks for me to use Justicar's Vengence again, then Crusader Stike - Blade of Justice - Crusader Strike again but twice now then Justicar's Vengence and reat again all from the crusader stike with a Wake of Ashes in the middle. For some bosses I dont Interrupt some of there habilities because there habilitie's impact wont be that punishing comparing with there normal hits. Has a Tank I just keep up my Shield of the Righteous up has well has the hand of the protector and Consecration on, If I needed to take even more damage for some reason I use Eye of Tyr and Ardent Defender and if I need to tank even more I use guardian of Ancient Kings and try to keep all agro at me. Has a tank I use all the time Avenging Wrath for bosses around 2 to 3 times depending on our group

Are you happy to help our raids with your off spec should we need it? If yes please let us know what your off spec is, if not applicable or you are single spec only, please let us know.:
Yes I'm happy to help even with an off spec

What are you looking for in your new guild and how do you fit into this ideal future?:
I'm looking for a friendly raiding guild mainly but I do pvp has well has other collecting stuff

Please note your previous guild history and raid experience as we may wish to verify a few details. What role/class did you play and in what content::
I played has a Prot Paladin in wrath of the lich king, where I did all the contect raid/dangeon in normal, but not in this account. Has for legion I did some raiding only has normal and since wod I have been doing more pvp since it was easier to get into a team of 2 or 3 arenas

You agree that you can attend our raid times Wed & Thurs 20:30 to 23:30 Server Time and missing raids during trial may lead to an auto fail. You also agree that once in guild you will keep us up to date on upcoming absences via the absence forum.:

By selecting "True" you agree you have read and understood the rules and will keep yourself updated on any future changes via this website. :

Do you understand how our Loot System works? (If not please ask us to clarify):

Any additional information or Questions?:
No thanks

Do you already know any members of Reincarnated if so who?:

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