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re: Teach bis list for Toomb of Sagaras


Balance bis list

Trinket:             Tranished Sentinel Dedallion                              Sisters of the Moon

Trinket:             Charm of the Rising Tide                                      Harjatan           

Head:                 Shadow-Scarred Headcover                               Kil’jaden

Neck:                 Locket of the Splintered Souls                            The Desolat Host

Shoulders:       Stormheart Mantel (tier)                                     Fallen Avatar

Back:                  Shroud of the Drowend Adherent                    Mistress Sasszine

Chest:                Stormheart Tunic (tier)                                         Kil’jaden

Wrist:                 Bracers of Rippling Darkness                              Fallen Avatar

Hands:               Stormheart Glowes (tier)                                     Herjatan          

Waist:                Waistguard of profane Duplicity                       Kil’jaden

Legs:                   Stormheart Legguards (tier)                                Mistress Sasszine

Feet:                   Felscape Pathfinders                                             Fallen Avatar

Finger1:             Seal of the Second Duumrirate                          Kil’jaden

Finger2:             Scaled Band of Servitude                                     Herjatan          


Arcane:             Torn Fabric of Reality                                             Fallen Avatar

Life:                    Valorous Spark of Hope                                        Fallen Avatar


Legendary note:


At this point I can’t find the best legendry’s for balance, but I subsect that a combination of the rings, wrist and head, will be best depending on the encounter. I will update the list when I find out, until then I’ll consider one ring and wrist as bis. 

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