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re: Swifts BiS Tomb

Helm Wildstalker Helmet Icon Wildstalker Helmet Demonic Inquisition
Neck Locket of Splintered Souls Icon Locket of Splintered Souls The Desolate Host
Shoulders Wildstalker Spaulders Icon Wildstalker Spaulders Fallen Avatar
Cloak Wildstalker Cape Icon Wildstalker Cape The Desolate Host
Chest Wildstalker Chestguard Icon Wildstalker Chestguard Maiden of Vigilance
Wrists Pain-Singed Armguards Icon Pain-Singed Armguards Goroth
Gloves Vicegrip of the Unrepentant Icon Vicegrip of the Unrepentant Kil'jaeden
Belt Waistguard of Interminable Unity Icon Waistguard of Interminable Unity Sisters of the Moon
Legs Wildstalker Leggings Icon Wildstalker Leggings Mistress Sassz'ine
Boots Star-Stalker Treads Icon Star-Stalker Treads Kil'jaeden
Ring #1 Seal of the Second Duumvirate Icon Seal of the Second Duumvirate Kil'jaeden
Ring #2 Scaled Band of Servitude Icon Scaled Band of Servitude Harjatan
Trinket #1 Tarnished Sentinel Medallion Icon Tarnished Sentinel Medallion Sisters of the Moon
Trinket #2 Engine of Eradication Icon Engine of Eradication Maiden of Vigilance
Storm Relic Flawless Hurricane Pearl Icon Flawless Hurricane Pearl Mistress Sassz'ine
Arcane Relic Charred Hymnal of the Moon Icon Charred Hymnal of the Moon Goroth
Iron Relic Reactive Pylon Casing Icon Reactive Pylon Casing for a single-target focus. Chiseled Starlight Icon Chiseled Starlight for an AoE focus. Fallen Avatar and Sisters of the Moon respectively

Rough starter Point added info to take. 

3rd Trinket option Cradle of Anguish from Demonic Inquis

Legendary atm will be between 4 Shoulders / chest / waist / ring. Only 2 Legos left to gain are chest and ring so will make them choices in the weeks to come.

4 Set will be subject to possibly 2 set from t19 / 2 set t20 untill full 4 set.

Another Trinket choice is BTI If i can be fucked to keep running mythic ursoc to go above 900.

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